Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun! Fun! Fun!

We heard about AdventurePlex via a postcard we received in the mail. I didn't have any expectations. I figured it's free and it would be something for the kids to do. I LOVED IT!

If there is one in your area or something similar check it out. It was busy that day, of course, since it was a free open house, but even with that, my son and daughter were able to enjoy themselves and dabble in all sorts of activities. They have several programs and even week-long camps available. My personal favorites are the yoga classes with childcare, if you call ahead.

There is also a fitness center, small, but geared toward family fitness. There's a Wii for the kids to keep busy if they don't feel like hopping on the treadmill along side you or you can sign them up for an hour on the ropes course. There's also the rock climbing wall to grab their attention, not to mention, test their physical strength. There is a membership fee for the Fitplex but day passes are available as well. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm into health and fitness and passing it on to my kids, so this was the perfect place to do that.

They also have a cafe that features fairly healthy food. I say fairly healthy because I'm picky, but really, it's a good menu with plenty of healthy options. The prices were reasonable too.

All in all, it was one of the best days we've had in a long time. I thought the crowd would be overwhelming, much like it is at Disneyland, but we all had a blast and left with smiles on our faces.

There's so much more to this place than I can write about so check out the website when you get a chance.