Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Mother's Day Special 05/07/2010

In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, I thought I would write the thirteen things I love about being a mom or what I love about my kids. I didn't get to do a Thirteen last week because my daughter was sick with a kidney infection. Poor girl. She had been on antibiotics since she was 9 months old, but her urologist wanted to try and stop them. Well, three weeks later she ended up with an infection, so she's back on them! Anyway, thank God she wasn't hospitalized as she was when she was 6 months old. I know the signs to look for and it was caught in time. Still, no fun for her and no rest for me.

Anyway, on with the Thirteen!

1. I love that when my son gets a snack for himself while his baby sister is napping, he leaves some in a bowl for her to have when she wakes up.

2. I love that both my both my kids say please and thank you. Always. And people notice, which I think is a bit sad because they comment on how polite my kids are and I wonder what kind of kids do they deal with? Aren't 8 and 2 year olds supposed to be polite?

3. I love that after I pick my son up from school, my daughter just HAS to do homework like her brother.

4. I love that when I workout they know what type of workout I'm going to do by the clothes and shoes I'm sporting and they try and do the moves with me. It makes me laugh when I'm donning my running shoes and my son asks me, "Are you going to do intervals?" or when my daughter asks, "Go for a run?".

5. I love when my son comes up to me, gives me a hug and says, "Mommy, you're my best friend."

6. I love when my daughter is sitting next to me and stops what she's doing to look up and me and say, "Hi, Monny." and then leans her head on me. And yes, she calls me "Monny". Not mommy. I like to think she's calling me "money" and "mommy" in one. Hee-hee.

7. I love the snacks theses kids have and that I get to try them! Yes, one of my jobs as their mom is to make sure their snacks are not only healthy, but tasty.

8. I love that I get to bake fun stuff and they get to taste. Well, not my baby girl. She's too small to have all that sugar. She gets a nibble of a cookie every now and then though.

9. I love that whenever my daughter is talking on her pretend phone and I ask her who she's talking to she answers, "Papa!". That's my dad. It's always Papa on the phone.

10. I love that my son prays with me in the morning and then prays for everyone before bed. Sometimes, he takes it upon himself to say prayers for those with extra needs.

11. I love how excited my son gets about dinner. Especially if there's fresh tomatoes involved. He jumps for joy. Literally.

12. I love how my baby girl holds her hand up like one of the Supremes when she says, "Stop!". I have no idea where she got it from.

13. I love that God has blessed me with these two kids. I love that despite their special needs they are so, so happy and it shows where ever we go. It is not always easy. But nothing worthwhile ever is.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom. I love you. Thank you for your strength and love that continues to empower me.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. Take a day for yourself, alone, to relax and rejuvenate. It's just one day from the other 364 days a year you're "on the job". Enjoy it, guilt free.


Welcome to 10x desserts! said...

Your kids are too cute! I absolutely love polite kids. The world need more awesome and loving moms like you!

Raquel said...

Aaaw, thanks. You're making me blush!