Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Thirteen 06/10/2010

Here we go:

1.  There was filming going on in our neighborhood again.  I thought it was another Dexter episode (a couple of shows from the third season were filmed at a home a couple of blocks from us) but I found out it’s a Kashi commercial.  It’s amazing to see the production that goes into shooting a commercial.  Prop trucks, catering trucks, costume and makeup trucks circled the block and then some.  All for a commercial.  I should have walked in.  I could have been in it!  Well, maybe my daughter.  She’s much cuter.

2.  We went to see Sesame Street Live!  We had so much fun.  I got a kick out of the kids, especially the way my daughter reacted.  My son was still feeling a little under the weather and was more interested in buying stuff, but he still enjoyed it.  My daughter danced in the aisles and in her seat.  I love taking them to live performances.

3.  This week my husband and I celebrated our anniversary.  Man, how time flies.  We’ve been through a lot in the short 8 years we’ve been together.  We’ve always been up against something, but have been blessed through it all.

4.  I didn’t get to bake over the weekend.  I had planned on testing another recipe but will have to wait until this weekend.  I also wanted to bake a Charlotte Russe, but that will have to wait too.

5.  I cooked Pork Menudo.  Very tasty and we had A LOT leftover.  That made one less day for me to cook and my hubby was able to bring some for lunch.  It was a lot of food.  I should have thrown a party!

6.  My baby girl does not like being scolded (who does?) or when I’m scolding her brother or daddy.  What makes me smile though is when she knows someone is about to get in trouble and she hears the irritation in my voice, she holds her hand up and says, “Stop.”  I can’t help but calm down because she says it with such authority.  She did, however, get in trouble with daddy because she “shushed” him while he was scolding her.  That got her in more trouble.

7.  Every Sunday my son makes his “Sunday Phone Calls”.  He has a short list of people that he calls every weekend.  He missed a couple of Sundays because he was sick.  I thought it was sweet that the family on his call list called him wondering why he hadn’t called.

8.  We went to Round Table Pizza over the weekend (My favorite fast pizza place.  What can I say?  I’m loyal!).  My son has dubbed it “Pizza Player” because, well, there’s pizza and then there’s a decent sized arcade area with video games, ski ball and other games where the kids can earn tickets to trade in for goodies.  My hubby took the kids to play so that I could have a few minutes to myself.  After about 10 minutes I hear my son scream, “Mom, mom!” at the top of his lungs as he runs into the dining area where I was sitting.  He ran up to me, as everyone in the dining area watched, and announced, “I won the jackpot!  I got a lot of tickets!”  Apparently, they were playing a game where a light went round and round and you had to press a button to make it stop on the right target to hit the jackpot.  Daddy did it!  My son was so excited and sooo loud.

9.  I got a new phone!  My husband bought me my Palm Pre (thanks honey!).  I wasn’t sure about it because I didn’t necessarily need a new phone.  I already had a Smartphone, I just didn’t sign up for the internet access because I didn’t really need it.  My first Palm was a PDA that really worked for me so since then all I’ve ever wanted was a phone to make calls, keep my contacts in one place and keep my calendar handy.  Nothing fancy.  BUT this phone is awesome!  I love the ease of  use, the touchscreen and the fact that it keeps all my contacts together and syncs them with Facebook.  It even pulled additional stuff off of Google when it matched a name and number to any of my contacts.  It’s like my phone is stalking my contacts!  I know, I sound a little too excited about a phone but, my life revolves around my kids, cooking and working out…I take what I can get!

10.  Speaking of new phone…last night my husband and I woke to my son coughing.  It was almost 3 a.m. and when we were both done taking care of him we went back to bed.  My husband kept talking so I swiped my finger in an upward motion across his cheek.  I started laughing and asked him, “Do you now what I’m doing?”  He answered, “Yes, you’re trying to make me go away.  You think you’re funny.”  On my new phone when you’re done with an app or whatever you’re looking at you just swipe it away with an upward motion.  So, yes, because he kept talking and I was trying to sleep, I tried to swipe him away.  It didn’t work but I giggled for awhile.

11.  I picked up the book Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey:  Treats for Kids.  (Isn’t that a great title?)  The author, Jill O’Connor has a “non-kids version" which is pretty awesome too, but I decided on the kid one.  There’s a recipe for what I would just call Apple Pie Stuffed French Toast (That’s not what it’s called in the book, but I can’t remember the title of the recipe right now.)  Anyway, I’m thinking about making that for breakfast next Saturday as a way to kick off summer vacation.

12.  I love how polite my son is.  In my last Thirteen I wrote how my son has never said anything disparaging about anyone or anything (except for that van!).  He’s so polite that when I ask him to try something new to eat, he’ll take a bite and announce with cheer, “Mmm, it’s good.  I like it!”  But when I ask him if he’d like some more of whatever he just tasted he says, “Uhm, no thank you.”  I’m thankful that he’s willing to try and even more thankful that he isn’t rude if he’s not fond of it.

13.  My son is still coughing, a lot.  Neither he or I have slept well the last couple of weeks.  Today he was finally diagnosed with bronchitis.  I’m praying the antibiotics kick in soon.  I’m starting to wake at a little after 2 a.m. even if he isn’t having a coughing fit.  Not good.

That’s all folks.  Have a wonderful, blessed weekend.


Welcome to 10x desserts! said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats!

Raquel said...

Thank you. Barely made it! Lol. Just kidding. Thank you :-)