Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Spagheddieo!

January 3, 2006

Today is my little one's birthday. I can't believe he's now 6 years old. I remember the morning I went into labor with him. It was a little after 2:00 a.m of the 3rd and we were actually scheduled to go to the hospital later that afternoon to induce labor. I remember I couldn't sleep and I turned to my husband to tell him so when all of a sudden my water broke. I thought I was peeing in my pants! LOL!

Eddie was born at 5:49 p.m. after hours of contractions but not much change in dilation. I had to have a c-section. My husband took a picture of Eddie just as the doctor was pulling him out. It looks like a scene from Alien. Hee-hee.

I remember when Eddie was only a few weeks old and he was crying at the top of his lungs. Now, that's not unusual for any newborn, but as I was holding him and looking at him something hit me and I turned to Ed sitting next to me on the couch and said that I thought there was something "wrong" with him. Ed thought I meant he was hungry or had to have his diaper changed and I had to clarify what I meant. There was something about the way Eddie looked when he was crying and to this day when he gets upset I can still see that look.

I remember the day we took him to the cardiologist and were told he might have Williams Syndrome. We had no idea what it was. I thought it was some kind of heart condition that could be fixed. I remember when we got home to our house in Fairfield, I was downstairs and Ed was upstairs in the office. Eddie was sleeping so I went to check on Ed and I heard him let out a very deep sigh. I remember asking him what was wrong and he said he hoped that Eddie didn't have Williams Syndrome and he began to show me what he had found out about it on the internet.

I remember the day we got the official diagnosis that Eddie did indeed have Williams Syndrome. I expected it, but prayed otherwise. I was numb and really didn't want to learn anymore than I already had about this rare syndrome. That was in April.

In July there was a WS convention in Long Beach and we decided to go. We were in the process of moving to L.A. and used our time down there to also look for a place to live. At this point, although I previously was not ready to learn any more about the syndrome, I decided to throw myself fully into it by attending the convention. It was very eye opening and bittersweet. We met teens and adults with the syndrome and had a picture of what might be Eddie's future.

I remember the day I realized that my husband and I were no longer just Eddie's parents. We were to become his behaviorists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists.

I remember the first time he sat up, when I thought he wouldn't. I remember his first steps, when I thought his muscle tone was too low and he wouldn't be able to. I remember the first sounds he made, when I wasn't sure he would even be able to speak. I remember the first time he had meat, when I thought the he wouldn't like the texture of it because of sensory issues. I remember all his "firsts" because I wasn't sure he'd achieve them.

He's a wonderful, loving boy with Williams Syndrome. He greets us every morning with a big smile and kisses. His daily goal is to make us happy and proud, even on his rough days. It hasn't always been easy. Everyday still has its challenges. Everyday there is something new for us and for Eddie to learn.

Everyday I thank GOD for blessing us with him and for the amazing work HE has done with Eddie and continues to do in him. I thank GOD that despite Eddie's diagnosis, he is a healthy, happy child.

I remember, today on his birthday, and every single day.

I remember.

I wrote the entry above exactly 3 years ago, celebrating my son's 6th birthday. I didn't want to lose it since it's on my old Myspace blog which I no longer use. Out of the many, many entries I've written on there, this was the only one I wanted to hang on to.

Today he is 9 years old. My anxieties are changing as he gets older. There are new things for me to worry about, to lift up in prayer, to keep me up at night. Still his goal is to put smiles on our faces, even when he has a difficult time following directions or when his impulsive behaviors get him in trouble. I'm beginning to see what I saw in the kids at the convention long ago and I'm not sure how to "handle" it.  It can be frustrating and draining at times, but mostly I'm sad and I worry.

Worries aside, he is still loving and thoughtful.  He makes weekly calls to our family to say hello and update them on his week.  He's a caring big brother, there to comfort his baby sister when she gets hurt and he always, ALWAYS wants to make her laugh (he is doing so as I write this).  He wakes me up every day with a "Good morning" and "How was your sleep, mom?"  He says his prayers every night, asking for GOD'S protection and blessings over our family and his friends and when he hears of a special concern his first reaction is to pray about it.  When his dad is sick, he prays for him.  When I'm sad, he prays for me.  When his baby sister bonks her head on something and whimpers, he prays for her.  I often wish I had his childlike faith.

My husband once read, "The days are long but the years are short."  I can't believe my son is now 9 years old.  Happy birthday my son, my first born and my sweetie always.  I love you.