Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Thirteen (A St. Patty's Birthday!)

For my little princess who turns 3 today.  These are things she's done or said that have made me or my hubby just melt.  Holding her always slows my heart rate down.

1.  While sitting in my lap and looking up adoringly at me, "Want to play a puzzle?  It's very fun!"  Then she scoots off of me and runs to get it before I can answer.

2.  "Mommy,  I'm hungwee.  I want a snack."  Me:  "You can't have a snack.  It's almost time for dinner."  K:  "I don't want dinner.  I'm not hungwee."  Me:  "Well, if you're not hungry you don't need a snack."  K:  "Aaaw, man."

3. "Mom!  Mom!  I can't find my dragon!"  I follow her into her room to help her.  She lets out a sigh of relief and says, "Oh, thank you.  Thank you.  You're my best friend, mom."

4.  Me:  "Hey, what's in your mouth?" (it looked like she was chewing on something).  K:  "In my mouth?  My teeth, mommy!"  Yes, already a smart alec.  Takes after mommy!

5.  We're trying to potty train her, which is weird given her issues, but we're trying nonetheless.  One evening, after a successful training session, she was cheered on by daddy and big brother.  Full of pride and excitement, she sang, "It's good!  It's good!  It's good!"  Future sports announcer?

6.  "I love chocolate.  It's my favorite color!"  (My personal favorite!)

7.  Speaking to her big brother, "Look at me!  I'm a masterpiece!"

8.  "Mommy, can I have a snack?  My tummy is starving."

9.  While waiting for her big brother to get out of school we hear the bell ring.  She yells with excitement, "C'mon mom!  We have to go get my best friend!"

10.  "Mommy, come here."  I go to her and she throws her arms around me to give me a big hug then says, "Thank you so much for breakfast."

11.  "I'm a T-Rex!"  She's always the T-Rex.  Her daddy is the stegosaurus, her big brother is the triceratops and I'm a flapasaurus.  I have no idea what that is but I just asked her to verify and that is what I am.  She being the T-Rex is a hint of things to come.  Yikes!

12.  Me:  "K, what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?"  K:  "Um, pineapple!"  Me:  "Pineapple? (She's never had a pineapple cake)  Really?  Are you sure you don't want chocolate?"  (See #6)  K:  "Wait, mommy.  No,  no pineapple.  I want chocolate.  No, no, no, no pineapple.  Please."

13.  One evening she put her tutu on and said, "It's showtime!"  Here is a little bit of that evening:

That's it.  Happy Birthday baby girl.  I love you so.


Anonymous said...

Kayla Rocks!!- Mare

Anonymous said...

#2 made me laugh! So smart. Happy belated b-day to K!

The Accidental Teacher said...

Mare, yes she does. Thank you :-)
S, thank you. She always makes me laugh!