Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu Monday 05/09/2011

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope you moms enjoyed your day as well.  I haven't slept well at all for the past couple of weeks and I'm just beat so let's just get to the menu:

Herbed Baked Pork Chops with steamed broccoli

Turkey Meatloaf with Baked Sweet Potatoes (they're like dessert too!)

Spaghetti (can't go wrong with spaghetti)

Kalamata Lemon Chicken with Orzo

I don't know.  I forgot to plan for this day!  But given the menu I know we'll have leftovers to go through so today will be Leftover Day!

Breakfast:  We're doing something savory today.  I'm thinking a Spinach and Gruyere Strata.  Or perhaps a Ham and Cheddar one.  I haven't decided.  It will be one of those.

Dinner:  Burgers (we have patties and buns that need to be used!)

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