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Thursday Thirteen 10/13/2011

Happy early birthday to my nephew!  There's this one song by Babyface that was out the year you were born and whenever I hear it I think of you and how I used to take care of you.  You were so small.  Happy birthday sweetie.  I'm very proud of the young man you are becoming.  I love you.

Okay, *sigh* I'm done reminiscing.

Since I've been writing about eating Paleo here and there I thought I'd make this Thirteen ALL about it.  Here ya go:

1.  Meal planning is simple when eating Paleo/Primal.  Meat, vegetables, fruit and some food fats.  That's it.  I used to stress out about what to make 6 nights a week for dinner (I give myself at least one day off from cooking.  Sometimes two if I can get my hubby to cook at least one night!).  These days we stock up on meat and buy whatever veggies or fruit are on sale and in season.

2.  My kids are getting the hang of it.  I often tell them to Eat Like A Dinosaur a la Paleo Parents (info on their book: .  While I've always limited their sugar, I let them have their whole wheat bread or pasta, beans and dairy periodically.  I can't make them go cold turkey and eliminate all those foods, but I have cut back on them, a lot.  My kids, my daughter especially, (she's young and more flexible) are starting to request more Paleo-like lunches.  My son is set in his ways at the ripe old age of 9 and requires a little more coaxing.  He eventually caves, as do I and a compromise is made.  I can only direct them and hope they continue to make good choices.  Diabetes runs in my family and anything I can do to prevent it helps.

3.  Dinner is always Paleo.  ALWAYS.  I mean, my husband and I eat that way all day, but making a Paleo dinner ensures that my kids are having at least one nutrient dense meal.  Plus, it exposes them to it.  I try to make them Paleo breakfasts but they love their pancakes or oatmeal too much.

4.  Speaking of eating all day...I often don't!  Seriously, eating this way has made it so that I wake up and can skip breakfast and sometimes lunch.  I'm rarely ravenous or feel jittery like I need to eat.  I'm not one who needs coffee to start the morning (it's more of a treat for me) but I like that I can pass on a meal or two and not feel tired or that I need a pick-me-up.

5.  I was recently asked what I eat and if it's hard.  It's not hard.  It's easy.  I don't miss bread or pasta.  I might miss Greek yogurt but even then I can have it, just not every day.  Besides, when the meat and veggies are seasoned well (without salt) and are flavorful, you don't miss much.  For breakfast I usually have eggs, scrambled or boiled.  My favorite is scrambled slowly, like risotto, in some ghee.  Aahh, do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  TOO MUCH.  Don't know what ghee is?  It's clarified butter, the clear yellow liquid you usually get with lobster!  I kinda want to make some popcorn and drizzle some melted ghee all over it.  Kinda.  I'll also have a smoothie composed of some greens, frozen unsweetened berries and coconut milk.

6.  For lunch I'll have some leftover meat (from the previous night's dinner) or more than likely, I just skip lunch, especially if I do decide to have breakfast.  If I happen to get hungry later in the afternoon I'll snack on Applegate organic roast beef and some nuts or some tuna with avocado.  Mmmm, avvoocaaaado.  Oh, and coconut butter.  Oh, my.  I'm drooling.

7.  I recently made Paleo chocolate chip cookies.  They were awesome!  My daughter loved them too!  My son wouldn't even try them because I said they were Paleo.  My mistake.  I just wanted to be honest.  I told him they tasted just like the chocolate chip cookies he likes, but they're healthier and I actually don't mind him eating more than one.  He didn't go for it.  Oh, well.  More for me!

8.  About 2 years ago in order for me to maintain my weight I had to watch and count calories, which I hated.  I mean it was easy to do, but it was such a drag.  AND just to get to that maintenance weight I had to work out 1.5 to 2 hours a day, SIX days a week.  Yes, a MINIMUM of 1.5 hours and always 6 days a week.  I could do it then because my daughter was much younger and not as mobile!  Now, I got to my maintenance weight but had to keep up the pace just to stay there.  After 6 months of that my body started to fight back.  I was tired, couldn't sleep well and I burned out.  I didn't even workout that much when I trained for my half marathon!  Since I've started eating like a cave woman I've been able to maintain my weight yet lose inches (which is great because it means I've increased muscle mass).  Also, I DO NOT have to work out that much.  I workout 4 or 5 days a week about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on my schedule.  I love it.  No more chronic cardio for me!  Read Mark Sisson's The Primal Blueprint for the 411.

9.  My hubby is 8 pounds from his goal!  He's now down 26 pounds.  He also started working out about 4 weeks ago which is just going to make him drop the weight faster.  This is a big deal because my husband is not big on cardio.  Strength training he doesn't mind, but cardio just isn't his thing unless he's playing basketball.  After reading both The Paleo Solution and The Primal Blueprint I told him the kind of workouts he should be doing and he liked it!  I'm very proud of him!

10.  I have a small Paleo cookbook collection growing.  I have Everyday Paleo which is a great cookbook geared toward families.  The ingredients aren't hard to find and she has great suggestions for snacks for kids.  Another plus is that she includes workouts you can do at home.

11.  The other book I just got is Paleo Comfort Foods.  I have yet to try a recipe from the book (I don't know where to start, it all looks so darn good).  Some recipes require a little more effort, but not so much that you feel inundated and want to get some take out instead!  I can't wait to try and share with you.

12.  Eating Paleo (or like a caveman) has recently been featured in the news in San Francisco.  It's part of a 5 day series.  Here's the link with 3 of the 5 days thus far.  Come back to watch how it ends:

13.  To end this Paleo Thirteen here's a link to THE best nut butters I've EVER had:  The nuts are churned and have nothing added to them.  My favorite is the Macadamia Nut Butter.  I especially like it because it's the only one I've been able to find that is not a combination of macadamia and cashews.  My husband loves the Cashew Nut Butter.  I treat it like dessert.  It's worth the price.  Trust me.

I'll probably keep writing about our experience eating Paleo.  My excitement stems from the fact that it's easy and with little effort the results are great.  Really.  My husband, who has a major sweet tooth and had to, just HAD to, have a diet soda every night just to give him something "sweet" has even cut that out.  Basically, if my donut-loving, diet-soda-needing, didn't-really-eat-healthy-before-I-came-along husband can do this, anyone can.

That's it.  Have a great weekend.  Eat Paleo! 

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