Saturday, August 25, 2012

Maui 2012, Day 5 and 6

We spent our last full day in Maui lounging, all day.  We were poolside most of the day and we enjoyed every bit of it.

We met three sweet and wonderful girls from Colorado, who played with the kids and made the day even more enjoyable.  The girls were older, very respectful, careful, kind and patient with my little ones.  I wish I had taken down their contact information.  It would have been nice for the kids to become pen pals!

Our last morning there we enjoyed brunch at Mala Ocean Tavern.  A wonderful end to our vacation.  That, plus stocking up on macadamia nuts at Costco!

And with that we headed back to LAX.  Safe and sound.  Relaxed and rested.  Ready to take on the rest of the summer!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maui 2012, Day 4

Today started out with a  morning at sea and then an afternoon on land.  We took a cruise over to Lanai.  I had forgotten how much I love being on the water but it confirmed why I always have to live near the beach.

We spent a little time in the tide pool (very little because the kids were bored with it) and spent a lot of time splashing in the waves and making sand castles.  I brought beach toys for the kids so they had something to do while my hubby went snorkeling.

Beach bums!
The kids loved calling the captain, "Captain!" and since my kids are so adorable they got to steer us home for a bit!
Steering the catamaran back to Lahaina.
It was a beautiful day and after our beach time we were treated to a yummy lunch picnic made and served by the captain and his crew.  They even had snacks and refreshments while on the boat.  They were a wonderful bunch, interacting with everyone throughout the trip, making sure to engage everyone and get to know them.
The only bummer about this trip was the VERY bad sunburn I got.  In my effort to make sure my hubby and kids were coated in sunscreen, I forgot to cover myself well.  Oh, it hurt so bad I couldn't sleep!  I had to lie in the tub with a cold towel (which I stuck in the freezer) wrapped around me.  I was that hot.

Despite that, we all had so much fun.  I think this was my favorite day!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Maui 2012, Day 3...Luau Time!

Our third day in Maui started with CrossFit, continued with shopping and ended with a luau.  Here is a blog in pictures of that wonderful evening.

Three days down.  Two and a half to go!

Maui 2012, Day 3

Today was a day set aside for shopping and lounging.  Oh, and CrossFit.  We started with breakfast on the lanai again and then made our way to Lahaina CrossFit.  That's right.  I made a point to get at least one WOD in while we were there.  I would have put in another one, but the rest of the days we were there we already had something scheduled.

I had exchanged emails with Coach Anthony prior to our arrival and was welcomed with Aloha love.  They have a gated kid area so we told the kids they could come along, even though I was the only one that was going to work out (my hubby hurt himself and passed on the WOD).  I made it to the 9 o'clock class.  Below is the workout:

Looks tough, right?  It was.  This was a Mega Metcon and even though Anthony let me cut the runs in half (I was sporting some brand, spanking new Vibrams and he didn't want me to injure myself) the sun was beating down on me!  Plus, the runs were up hills!  My box has a small hill which, compared to Lahaina's hill, I will now refer to as a ramp!  I used 35 pounds for the snatches and a 16" box for the jumps.  I finished in 22:14. I would have finished sooner, but one of the regulars, who happens to hate running, wanted me to keep him company and he wanted to walk most of it.  Plus, he was very entertaining, telling me about the evening he had which including a lot of alcohol and a back flip off the bar!

After that we drove back to the resort so that I could wash off the workout and refuel.  We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping.

After dragging the kids around for an hour we stopped and decided to treat them to some shaved ice cream:

And, because both of my kids are so social, we hung out and chatted with the locals.  My kids got really up close and personal:
This was at Sure Thing.  They offer Grass-Fed Burgers!
We went back to the resort to get a little rest before our Luau dinner.  I'm going to write about that separately because I have a few pictures I want to share.

Ta-ta for now!


Maui 2012, Day 2, Part Two

We ended our "rough" day with dinner at Mama's Fish House.  One of my good girlfriends said it was must do, so we did!  Our experience there made up for the draining day we had driving to and from Hana.

I can't believe both kids have smiles on their faces after the long day they had.  Such troopers!

I meant to take pictures of our meals, but I was just so tired and all I really wanted to do was EAT!  I did, however, after having some sustenance, take a picture of the most one of the most beautiful desserts I've ever seen.  Not only was it pretty, it was delicious.  I love chocolate mousse and to have it presented to me this way made it even more tantalizing:

Polynesian Black Pearl from Mama's Fish House
Isn't it gorgeous?  It's a shame I had to eat it.  Not.

That was day two.  Day three coming your way soon!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Maui 2012, Day 2, Part One

 Today started out with a Paleo breakfast outside:

I'm so glad we had a full kitchen and washer/dryer in our suite.  We were actually upgraded to a two-bedroom suite.  When we walked in what I thought was an unlocked, connected suite next to us was actually the second bedroom!  It was a nice surprise.  The kids each loved having their own space.

While today started out great it did not remain that way.  Today we took the road to Hana.  We were unprepared for the long and winding road.  Oh, we knew it was long and winding.  We just didn't know how long and winding it was.  In our ignorant bliss, we hit the road at 9:30 (late, though we thought it was early enough) and I didn't bring any activities for the kids to occupy themselves with during this long drive.  Oh, and during part of this treacherous drive it started pouring rain.  NOT FUN.  The next day we were told by a local from Hana that next time we have hit the road at 6:30 a.m. and plan on staying overnight in Hana to really enjoy all it has to offer.  Maybe next time, if I'm up for doing that drive again.

We did take a little hike to one of the Twin Falls, but since we weren't prepared to wade all the way to the cascade we weren't able to get a great close up picture.  This is how far (or close) we got.

I had planned on eating 80% Paleo while on this vacation and it started out well but after this draining drive I helped myself to this when we were almost to town:
It was GOOD!
By the time we got to Hana and had a very late lunch it was time for us to take that road back to Lahaina.  Ugh.  BUT, before we did we stopped at a lava tube!

It was cool, until my claustrophobia started to kick in and panic began to wash over me as we made our way deeper into the tube.  We had flashlights, but the combination of darkness and humidity took hold of me.  Here's me trying to look like I was enjoying myself:

See how dark it is?  You could only see what the flashlight illuminated.  I had to stop and let my hubby and kids go on without me.  They had a blast!  My daughter was holding my hand on the way back telling me not to be scared because she was there with me.  My kids are so sweet!

After this we hopped back in the car and made our winding way back to Lahaina, where we had dinner reservations at Mama's Fish House.  It was recommended by one of my good girlfriends whose family visits Maui often.  They're practically locals!

More about Mama's Fish House in Maui 2012, Day 2, Part Two.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maui 2012, Day 1

I have to begin this blog with thanking God for blessing us with this vacation.  There were a few things about this trip that started out questionable, but in the end, with God's intervention, it is all coming together.

We landed in Maui and headed straight to our resort for a late lunch at Duke's.  We've been to the one in Malibu and were pretty hungry so we figured we couldn't go wrong there.  I enjoyed a Mahi Mahi salad with a wonderful ocean view.  My hubby enjoyed a cocktail with lunch to kick off his well-deserved and overdue vacation.

Afterwards, the kids really wanted to go for a swim.  No surprise there.  While there we were treated to a beautiful rainbow.  Everyone oohed and aahed!

We then made our way back to our room get ready for dinner at Honu.  Now, as I am getting tired and am probably making grammatical and spelling errors, I'm simply going to post the pictures and tell you that I enjoyed every single non-Paleo bite of this meal.  It was totally worth it!

Ahi Tuna Bruschetta
Onaga with a lemon sauce and grits
Rock Shrimp Pizza
Gluten-free, vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake
I will come back and caption those pictures tomorrow.  Good night!