Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pankcake-a-palooza 1 (Birthday Edition)

First and foremost  Happy Birthday to my son!  I can't believe you're 10!! I love you!

I also can't believe I haven't written since October. Sheesh.

Today kicks off a new blog series that will cover something my husband started a couple of months ago.  He makes the kids pancakes for breakfast at least once a week but he started making shapes and words with the batter, giving the kids a nice morning surprise.  I decided to begin documenting it.

In honor of my son's birthday this is the pancake my hubby made this morning:

With m&ms, of course!

He made my daughter a three for her age as well but I forgot to snap a picture of it.  It was a 3, also with m&ms, so just use your imagination.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a joyful beginning to the New Year.  Here's to making 2012 a delightfully adventurous one!

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