Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A special Valentine Tuesday Thirteen with a Pancake-a-palooza on top

First, let me start with this:

Special Valentine Pancakes my hubby made for the kids.

Happy Valentine's Day!  For this special Valentine's Tuesday Thirteen I thought I'd list the 13 things I love, aside from the obvious like GOD and Jesus, my hubby, my kids, E and K, family, friends, reading, baking, cooking and of course, chocolate and LA Food Show! Some of it may surprise you, bore you and even disgust you.  That's okay.  You're going to read it anyway.  Here you go:

1. Canned coconut milk.  The full fat stuff, not lite (less processed, people).  Why? When I add it to my smoothies it makes it nice and rich.  And it's full of good fat.  Also, if you stick an unshaken can in the fridge for a few hours or overnight and then gently open it (without shaking!) you have coconut cream at the top that you can have with fresh fruit.  I usually have mine with berries.  I whip it with a hand mixer for a few minutes to make it fluffy.

2.  When it rains, a lot.  Not what SoCal calls a storm.  What San Francisco calls a storm.  Though, my body needs the sun.  I recently had blood work done that indicated I have a vitamin D deficiency.  Good thing I'm not a vampire.

3.  Fresh mango with chili powder and freshly squeezed lime.  I craved it the whole time I was pregnant with my daughter.  The dried ones at Trader Joe's wouldn't cut it so my hubby had to get special fresh ones through a co-worker.  He barely made it through the door before I had my hands on them.  It was one of the few things I could keep down during that particular pregnancy.  That and cranberry water (an ounce of pure cranberry, no sugar added juice mixed with 10 ounces of water ), which I find ironic since my daughter has her bladder issues.

4.  When my daughter gives me a makeover with her pretend lipstick.  That's the only tool she has, so she uses her hands and pretends to apply everything from them.

5.  When my son comes running to me after school with the same excitement he's had since he started preschool.  He always has a smile on his face.

6.  My husband's laugh.  It's about the only emotion he ever shows.  Ever.  Robot!  Inside joke...he gets it.  If you happen to get it too then we should be best friends!

7.  Eating Paleo.  I know that may not be news to you, but sticking to lean (mostly grass-fed) meats, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts has really made meal planning for me much easier.  Besides, when eat off Paleo, I can tell the difference immediately.  Try it for a week.  Three days even.  It will change you.

8.  Working out.  I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm actually very comfortable with my body.  I just love the feeling I get when I've completed a workout, especially a kick butt one!  I love to feel how strong my muscles are when I'm lifting heavy weights (not 5 pound weights, come on).  Try it, that will change you too.

9.  Freshly washed linens on the bed.  Every time I change them I can't wait to crawl in.

10.  Playing Scrabble.  I'm good, not great, but I'm competitive and I will destroy you.  Just kidding.

11.  Books.  All kinds of books.  I think I single-handedly kept Borders in business longer than expected because of all the books I purchased for myself and the kids.  I'm a cookbook hoarder.  Who am I kidding, I hoard all sorts of books.  Thank goodness for my Kindle.

12.  Dancing.  Pre-marriage and pre-kids, my girlfriends and I couldn't wait until the weekend so that we could "hit the clubs".  I LOVED it.  I love dancing.  I forget how much until I happen to hear a song on the radio and I start bobbing my head and my hands are up in the air as I sing along.  I'm enjoying myself until the car behind me honks and I have to put my hands back on the steering wheel so that I can get a move on instead of my groove on!

13.  Foot rubs.  I know most people would go for a full body massage, but for me, someone who is always on the go and runs several miles a week on top off doing various strength training exercises, I carry my stress in my legs.  So, I guess it should be that I love foot/leg rubs.  I'd take that over a shoulder or back rub any day.

That's it.  I'm sure there's more, but I just don't have that kind of time!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  Sprinkle a little love on everyone you meet today.  They just might need it.

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