Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WoD Picture 5/22/2012

As I said in my previous post, whenever my box uses a picture of me on their site I would post it here and tell you the workout that picture is from. Here is today's picture:

45lb Squat Snatch
When I first saw this workout it seemed complicated but in the end was fun.  Here's what it was, courtesy of CrossFit Zen:

Five rounds
In each round you will do 3 sets of the following:
5 Snatch Grip Deadlift
4 Hang Power Snatch
3 Overhead Squat

Now, you couldn't drop the bar while doing a set, only between sets.  And you had to increase the weight by 10 pounds each round, so from the beginning you had to choose your weight carefully, keeping in mind that you had 5 rounds, each with 3 sets of EACH listed exercise and, again, you couldn't drop the bar.  If you happened to drop the bar you had to decrease the weight 10 pounds and then probably think to yourself, "Damn, that sucked!"  Did I mention that you also had to complete each round in 6 minutes?  Luckily, we weren't timed this day.

I started with 20lbs then jumped up to 40lbs and completed my final round with 45lbs.  I couldn't do all 5 rounds this time and only did 3.

I actually enjoyed this workout and while I did drop the bar a couple of times because I lost my footing, once in the Squat Snatch and once in the Snatch Balances (not because the bar was heavy) I didn't have to decrease the weight.  Besides, this was my first time doing Snatch Balances and Squat Snatches and I did pretty good for my first time.  Props to my trainer, G, for always answering my questions and detailing the moves so that I can perform them.

That was a good day.  I walked away feeling really good!

WoD Pictures

I've decided that everytime my box uses a picture of me on their site I'm going to post the picture here and tell you what workout it is.  The following are pics from past posts and while I pretty much know what workout I did, for these I am not going to list the workout.  The pictures, however, do indicate what lift is being done and with how much weight.  I thought about blogging about each wod that I do, but as often as I go, I just don't have time for that!  All pictures are credited to my box, unless otherwise stated.

From newest to oldest: