Friday, June 29, 2012

WoD Pictures 6/29/2012

I've been behind in posting and blogging about pictures of me that my box  uses for their site.  It's a bit hard to keep up with it while trying to keep up with two kids and other fun mummy duties.  The only reason why I'm able to do it now is because it's summer break and the kids are playing outside.  After this, I have to bake some goodies from Eat Like a Dinosaur.  My kids want to try a week of all meals and snacks being Paleo instead of just dinner, and I must prepare.  I think I've mentioned this before, but my husband and I eat Paleo, so all our meals and/or snacks are that way but the kids are harder to convince.  Dinner is always Paleo, even for the kids.  They just don't realize it.  I think it's odd that they don't question dinner but are skeptical of the other meals.  Weirdos.  Anyway, they decided they wanted to try a week of everything Paleo so I have to make sure I have breakfast and snack stuff prepared.

On to the pictures.  Here are three recent ones that were used.  Again, picture credits go to my box.

These first two were from the same workout which consisted of a 100 meter run and the Bear Complex (my favorite).  The Bear Complex consists of a Power Clean, a Front Squat, a Push Press, a Back Squat, another Push Press and back down.  Sounds complicated, right?  It is at first, then you find your rhythm  See the Bear Complex in action here.

CrossFit Zen
Coming back from a short run.
CrossFit Zen
Doing 3 reps of the Bear Complex with 65lbs.
See the black mat in the picture above?  I had to do a rolling push up.  You lay back on the mat, roll yourself back, lifting legs up just enough to roll yourself up and into a push up position.  Then you perform a push up.  This one is much easier to see than to explain, but I can't find a video to show you.  I can show you the rolling back part here.  Just imagine after you get back up you get into a push up position. Those were fun and difficult at the same time.  I nearly rolled my legs over my head at one point!

This next one (yes, I cut my hair) was from a countdown ladder where I started with 10 reps of 4 different moves and continued counting down doing 9 reps, then 8, then 7, etc. all the way down to 1.  That was a quick and fun one.  This was towards the end of my workout.  I know this because my daughter is there.  They were there to come get me.  You can also tell by the look on my tired face!

CrossFit Zen

Regardless, I'm still loving it.  Even my husband, who recently canceled his YMCA membership, is starting to come around!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Outing #1

This summer, because summer break is so short with the changes LAUSD is making to the school calendar, I decided that the kids and I will go on an outing once a week.  Nothing big or expensive, just something to change things up.  They already CrossFit a couple of times a week and get plenty of sunshine either playing in our backyard or at the park.  I wanted to do something outside the norm.

Today we went to the Flight Path Learning Center Museum.  Admission was free and there was plenty to see.  We even watched a short movie that showed the history of LAX (did you know LAX has its own theme song?  It was written in the 70's.)  We also checked out the research library, where my son got to look at a thick photo album filled with pictures of airplanes taken by and donated by airplane enthusiasts.  The only one that was missing was his favorite: Qantas A380. 

Oh, yeah, did I mention that my son LOVES airplanes. He knows them so well that he can spot one still in the air and tell you what kind it is. Oh, he'll tell you the airline, but he can also tell you what type of plane it is.  While there we also witnessed narcotics/bomb detection dogs being trained!  That was cool to see too.

They also climbed into a DC-3 that was originally owned by Union Oil. It was decked out for company use. The kids got to climb into the cockpit and play pilot and co-pilot for a bit.

Afterwards, we headed to lunch at Whole Foods, where they were having a special "Save the Bees" event and if you were dressed as a bee you got a free lunch (really, it was a $10.00 gift card).  Either way, woohoo!

Free outing and lunch!  Pretty awesome for a first outing, don't you think?