Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flinstones Week, Day 2

Today's post will be a quick one:

  • Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin from Eat Like A Dinosaur (Yes, it's grain-free, sugar-free, basically all the icky stuff-free but still tastes like a muffin.  Get the book.)
  • Turkey Sausage
  • Scrambled eggs
This went MUCH better than I expected!  I thought my son would balk at the eggs, but I scrambled them with some leftover sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes and he loved it!  My daughter ate almost everything too.  (They both got full, especially after my son asked for another sausage).

  • Lara Bar
I chose to do a Tabata Treadmill Run today because trying to go for a run with both kids has proven to be unsafe and impossible.  My son doesn't always follow directions and doesn't always pay attention while riding his scooter.  My daughter refuses to sit back in the jogging stroller watching the world go by (which is great, but not so much when I'm trying to run).  So, they played outside while I did my thaaang on the treadmill.  They must have built up an appetite because the first thing they wanted after coming inside was a snack.  I let them split a Lara Bar.

  • Grass-fed Beef Hot Dogs (uncured and organic)
  • Baby Carrots
  • Avocado slices or a bite of coconut butter
  • Half a plum
This meal went well also.  My son wasn't too big on the avocado, but he took a couple of bites.  My daughter opted for the coconut butter instead (she loves it as much as I do).  My son complained that his tummy hurt because of the avocado!  He's fine.  Just dramatic.

We try to purchase Grass-fed meat as much as possible.  We stock up when it's on sale and just when I think we've spent too much on it, I remember the impact that grain fed cattle has on our bodies AND our environment.  For insight into the environmental issues read The Omnviores' Dilemma for Kids.  Yes, the kid's version, because I liked the way it flowed and it was a much quicker read.

  • Apple
  • Almond Butter
Neither kid was in the mood for the almond butter, so they just had an apple.  No biggie.

  • Burgers (sans bun and cheese) from The Counter (unplanned)
  • Riviera Pears
I was supposed to cook dinner, but I was also planning on going to our box to get my CrossFit on.  Since I couldn't make a decision until the very last minute (I didn't go, my head was throbbing and I felt nauseous), the chicken wasn't thawed, so my hubby picked something up on the way back from his workout.  It's not ideal because when you eat out you don't get to control the preparation or ingredients but at least we could customize our meals.  I really should have "back-up meals" in our freezer that I can just cook frozen.  I have to look into that.  Anyway, hubby and I had salads.  The kids got mini burgers with sweet potato fries.  My son ate everything.  There wasn't a crumb left on his plate.  My daughter only ate part of one mini patty and some of her fries.

I think they're doing well.  I want them to eat more healthy fats and I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate that.  I think I'll be making a smoothie tomorrow with avocado in it.  I need to throw more veggies in the menu too.  They love steamed vegetables, but I want them to try vegetables prepared other ways.  I know they both like Kale Chips, so I'll have to make those this week too.

That's all folks!

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