Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Flinstones Week, Day 3

Today started out great then went downhill quickly.  Being a holiday and since we were going to a couple of parties I told the kids they could have ONE, O-N-E, ONE, off-Paleo treat.  

  • Eat Like A Dinosaur Waffles (You can tell they LOVE that book as much as I do)
  • Turkey Sausage
  • Orange
This is a breakfast they've had before, except only on the weekends.  Since it was a holiday we decided to have the waffles.  I had baking to do before our annual neighborhood parade and I was pressed for time.  It's a stressful morning when I'm eating a waffle while trying to pull a cookie tray out of the oven!  Either way, the kids ate their breakfast, I finished baking and we all got to sit and watch the parade, though I got there later.  This is where things went downhill quickly.  Since I was finishing the baking, my hubby and kids headed to our usual spot to watch the parade.  The neighbor behind us holds a spot for us and has an annual party in their front yard.  My daughter decided to crash their party and munch on some chips.  As I made my way to our reserved spot I saw her holding an EMPTY Dots gum drop box.  Mind you, I was not the parent in charge when all of this went down.  That's all I have to say about that.

  • 50/50 Burger
  • Whatever fruit and veggies we can get our hands on
Our box was hosting a party and we brought 50/50 Burgers along with some Pecan Pie Cookies.  The kids were more interested in putting their legs in the swimming pool than eating, though on the way out my daughter grabbed a burger patty and my son grabbed some grilled corn.  G handed me some grilled teriyaki beef skewers on our way out.  They were tasty!

  • Whatever
We left the box shindig early because my kids wanted to hurry up and get back to our annual block party.  I brought Pecan Pie Cookies to this party too.  My son wanted to bring M&Ms (of course) and he chose this as his treat for today.  My daughter, upon hearing that her big brother was bringing something decided that she wanted to bring something as well.  She brought pudding.  I don't know how she knows what pudding is, as I've never given to her.  She picked one out from Whole Foods, made with organic almond milk and with other organic ingredients.  I give her credit for that!  

At the party each kid asked for a hot dog, but no bun (yay!) and then my son asked for his serving of M&Ms, which wasn't very much; enough to satisfy his request but not so much that he gets a sugar overload.  BUT THEN, he fell off his scooter and busted his lip.  He busted it good...blood was everywhere.  It took him some time to calm down after we got him into the house.  He was holding an ice pack up to his lip as we headed back to the potluck party.  Then with his sad eyes and wounded, protruding lip he asked if he could have more m&ms.  I couldn't say no.

I guess it could have been worse, now that I read back through it.  At the parade, candy was being thrown out to the crowd (that's how my daughter got the Dots), but with the exception of that snafu, neither one had anything from the stash they built up.  At the block party there was a whole table dedicated to desserts.  Mounds of cookies, brownies and cupcakes covered every square inch of a 6 foot round table.  Neither child wanted anything from that table.  They got their hot dog (no bun!) and wanted to play.

We intended to go back to the first party, but by the time we rounded the kids up, helped clean, wrapped up conversations and bid adieu to everyone, it was late and we were all pooped.  Thus, dinner was "whatever".  I was too tired to argue with the kids about what they wanted.  So, whatever was on the menu!

I hope you had a wonderful and safe Independence Day.  My kids are going to sleep well tonight.  I hope I do too!

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