Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flinstones Week Wrap Up

This will be a really short one.

Day 5

Breakfast and lunch were repeats of a couple of the meals they had during the week.  They were eaten without any issues!

  • Grilled Porterhouse
  • Grilled Zucchini
  • Cucumber, mango, blueberry and avocado salad (my summer go to salad!)
  • Tomato Slices

This meal was dee-lish!  The kids agreed, but then again, there wasn't anything on the menu to dislike.  It was a summer feast for four!

They were supposed to continue to eat this way through Sunday (or longer).  They had Paleo waffles for breakfasts and Paleo leftovers for lunch on Saturday.  Saturday night I was supposed to cook Beef Broccoli a la ELaD, but my brother and his friend came over for a visit and we ended up all going out for dinner.  Going out to eat put a dent in my effort to keep the kids on the Paleo track, but I didn't let it get to me.  Especially after reading this from Paleo Parents.

Even prior to this Flinstones week, my kids ate healthier than most kids AND adults.  I just wanted them to eat even cleaner.  They both have different but special needs and while I only have a small sense of what the future holds for them with regards to those needs, one of the few preventative measures I can take now is establish good eating habits for them.  I want them to be aware of what they're eating and how it can affect their bodies.  I want them to eat whole foods, not just shop at the store of the same name.

I didn't see a change in my son's behavior this week, but then again it hasn't been that long.  Plus, the mid-week holiday kind of threw a wrench in my plans along with dining out on Saturday.  Still, they're getting the hang of it.  I have a small white board in our kitchen that says:  "We eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and GOOD fats."  I'm continuing them on Paleo this week.  I told them that whenever they want something to eat to look at the list and see if it falls into one of those categories.

This doesn't mean they're going to pass on pizza or pasta or ice cream.  They're kids!  It just means they will only have those things on occasion, just like me and my hubby.  I've been eating this way for a year and I'll be writing about my experience with it later this week.

Bye for now!

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