Monday, July 30, 2012

Maui 2012, Day 2, Part One

 Today started out with a Paleo breakfast outside:

I'm so glad we had a full kitchen and washer/dryer in our suite.  We were actually upgraded to a two-bedroom suite.  When we walked in what I thought was an unlocked, connected suite next to us was actually the second bedroom!  It was a nice surprise.  The kids each loved having their own space.

While today started out great it did not remain that way.  Today we took the road to Hana.  We were unprepared for the long and winding road.  Oh, we knew it was long and winding.  We just didn't know how long and winding it was.  In our ignorant bliss, we hit the road at 9:30 (late, though we thought it was early enough) and I didn't bring any activities for the kids to occupy themselves with during this long drive.  Oh, and during part of this treacherous drive it started pouring rain.  NOT FUN.  The next day we were told by a local from Hana that next time we have hit the road at 6:30 a.m. and plan on staying overnight in Hana to really enjoy all it has to offer.  Maybe next time, if I'm up for doing that drive again.

We did take a little hike to one of the Twin Falls, but since we weren't prepared to wade all the way to the cascade we weren't able to get a great close up picture.  This is how far (or close) we got.

I had planned on eating 80% Paleo while on this vacation and it started out well but after this draining drive I helped myself to this when we were almost to town:
It was GOOD!
By the time we got to Hana and had a very late lunch it was time for us to take that road back to Lahaina.  Ugh.  BUT, before we did we stopped at a lava tube!

It was cool, until my claustrophobia started to kick in and panic began to wash over me as we made our way deeper into the tube.  We had flashlights, but the combination of darkness and humidity took hold of me.  Here's me trying to look like I was enjoying myself:

See how dark it is?  You could only see what the flashlight illuminated.  I had to stop and let my hubby and kids go on without me.  They had a blast!  My daughter was holding my hand on the way back telling me not to be scared because she was there with me.  My kids are so sweet!

After this we hopped back in the car and made our winding way back to Lahaina, where we had dinner reservations at Mama's Fish House.  It was recommended by one of my good girlfriends whose family visits Maui often.  They're practically locals!

More about Mama's Fish House in Maui 2012, Day 2, Part Two.

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