Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Outing #3

Just a little over four weeks of summer break is left!  Man, it's going way too fast this year.

This week we went to a local library that was hosting a good old game of Bingo!  I actually printed out some cards for the kids to practice with so that they could get the hang of it.  They were super excited.  Space was limited but luckily we were one of the first to arrive and were among the first in line.

There were plenty of prizes and those in charge made sure each and every person in attendance won a prize.  There were books, toys and gift cards to Coldstone, Starbucks and Jamba Juice to choose from.


The first of the three of us to win was my son.  He loved that he got to yell out, "Bingo!".  He picked a yo-yo as his prize.  My daughter was bummed that she didn't win first and she thought it was over.  She was almost in tears.  She quickly recovered when I explained that we weren't done yet and she would have plenty of chances to win.  I won the next round and chose a gift card to Coldstone since there were only a few available and I knew the kids would be bummed if I didn't get it.  Finally, my daughter won and she chose a book; a creepy monster book, which doesn't surprise me because she's really into Halloween and anything associated with it.

Afterwards, I took the kids to our favorite coffee place, Two Guns Espresso.  I got a couple of Fluffies for them and a cappuccino for me.  I don't drink a lot of coffee and have never been the type that needs it to get going in the morning or to get through the day, but I LOVE their coffee.  We sipped happily as we made our way to Sur La Table to pick up a doughnut pan for tomorrow's breakfast!  Paleo doughnuts, of course!

That's all folks!

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