Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maui 2012, Day 4

Today started out with a  morning at sea and then an afternoon on land.  We took a cruise over to Lanai.  I had forgotten how much I love being on the water but it confirmed why I always have to live near the beach.

We spent a little time in the tide pool (very little because the kids were bored with it) and spent a lot of time splashing in the waves and making sand castles.  I brought beach toys for the kids so they had something to do while my hubby went snorkeling.

Beach bums!
The kids loved calling the captain, "Captain!" and since my kids are so adorable they got to steer us home for a bit!
Steering the catamaran back to Lahaina.
It was a beautiful day and after our beach time we were treated to a yummy lunch picnic made and served by the captain and his crew.  They even had snacks and refreshments while on the boat.  They were a wonderful bunch, interacting with everyone throughout the trip, making sure to engage everyone and get to know them.
The only bummer about this trip was the VERY bad sunburn I got.  In my effort to make sure my hubby and kids were coated in sunscreen, I forgot to cover myself well.  Oh, it hurt so bad I couldn't sleep!  I had to lie in the tub with a cold towel (which I stuck in the freezer) wrapped around me.  I was that hot.

Despite that, we all had so much fun.  I think this was my favorite day!

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