Saturday, August 25, 2012

Maui 2012, Day 5 and 6

We spent our last full day in Maui lounging, all day.  We were poolside most of the day and we enjoyed every bit of it.

We met three sweet and wonderful girls from Colorado, who played with the kids and made the day even more enjoyable.  The girls were older, very respectful, careful, kind and patient with my little ones.  I wish I had taken down their contact information.  It would have been nice for the kids to become pen pals!

Our last morning there we enjoyed brunch at Mala Ocean Tavern.  A wonderful end to our vacation.  That, plus stocking up on macadamia nuts at Costco!

And with that we headed back to LAX.  Safe and sound.  Relaxed and rested.  Ready to take on the rest of the summer!

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