Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Long Overdue Thursday Thirteen

...or in other words, a summary of the past 7 months.  I've been THAT busy.  Sitting down to do anything is now a luxury!  I would wait until after the New Year to write this but by then everything will be forgotten.  I'm finishing this nearly a month into the New Year because January is filled with birthdays and we're still in celebration mode.  As February approaches, I see being able to at least write once a month.  Maybe.  If I'm lucky.

Now, on with the Thirteen:

1.  At the end of July, right after we got back from our trip to Maui, the kids went to Vacation Bible School. This is the first time our church held it and I was delighted that they chose to partake this year.  Both my kids loved it.

2.  September 11, 2012 was my daughter's first day of preschool!  I can't believe it.  This happened to also be my first working day there.  She attends a co-op preschool, where there is A LOT of parent participation.  I don't always look forward to it because there's always stuff at home to be done but oddly, working at her school forces me to slow down and play.  We can all use a lot more play time.

3.  Halloween was fun, though it didn't go quite the way we planned.  My son was Peter Pan and my daughter was Tinkerbell.  I was going to be Wendy and my husband was going to be Captain Hook.  Unfortunately, my husband got sick and couldn't even go out with us and I wasn't happy with the Wendy costume I got so I went as a busy mom.  The kids had fun, and really that was the point.  We were joined by a friend from church who also happens to be the kids' babysitter, so they were even more excited.

4.  Thanksgiving was nice and quiet.  It was just the four of us, again and everything was Paleo, down to the Pumpkin Pie.  It was all simple but tasty.

5.  My birthday this year happened to be the day before Thanksgiving so we decided to go to Disneyland.  Our plans were already in the works when an opportunity came up for us to dine at Club 33.  Club 33 is an exclusive, members only club at Disneyland and they happen to have their own restaurant.  The fees run tens of thousands of dollars and the wait list is long.  To put things into perspective for you, the couple that so kindly and generously made our reservations for us had been on the list to become members for TWELVE YEARS and just got in over the summer!  Anyway, we excitedly accepted their offer and we enjoyed our time there.  We were even able to get reserved seating for Fantasmic!  There was no need for us to wait 2 hours before the show began to get good seating.  We just walked right up and gave our name!  All in all it was a great birthday, but you can't go wrong with Disneyland.  Plus, we've been blessed to get premium passes this year, so we get to relax and enjoy knowing that we can always go back.

6.  On November 17 we took the kids to their first Clippers game.  My daughter hooted and hollered when they introduced Blake Griffin!  Both kids really fed off the energy of the crowd and had a wonderful time.  They can't wait to go again.

7.  December 8 our box, CrossFit Zen, participated in a box jump.  We made our way to CrossFit Anacapa  to partner up and work through Kelly.  I didn't get to join because I had pulled a muscle in my right leg.  It was just starting to feel better and I didn't want to risk getting injured again.  My husband, however, was able to join and he did a great job.  He even did an extra 400 meter run because his partner lost count!  Everyone did a great job and it was fun to watch, as much as I really wanted to participate.  We didn't get to stay and enjoy the potluck because we had to make our way back home to get ready to head to Disneyland.  Which leads me to #8.

8.  As Disneyland premium pass holders we were selected to attend their Candlelight event on December 8.  It's a candlelight procession of 600 choir singers making their way down Main Street over to the performance.  Once there, they accompany a reading of the first Christmas, usually done by a celebrity.  For us, we had the pleasure of watching Edward James Olmos read the story.  This happened to be his last reading at this event.  It was a beautiful and moving performance.

9.  On December 6 my daughter's school had their Holiday Boutique.  This gave each student the chance to shop for their family members (each family was required to purchase small gifts to be set up in the "boutique".  You had to bring in as many gifts as your child would be purchasing.  What you brought in wasn't necessarily what your child would pick, it was just to stock the store.)  According to my daughter, since parents weren't allowed to peek, they had a bank, the boutique and a gift wrap station.  I picked her up and she had 3 presents wrapped and ready to go under the tree.  She was so excited, she could barely contain herself.  She wanted to tell me what she got me!

10.  I mentioned earlier that my daughter attends a co-op preschool and they rely on parent participation.  Parents are asked to sign up for jobs and one of the jobs I chose was to organize their Winter Festival.  Now, when I first signed up I could have sworn there was another name already there; a parent who had experience with it and could lead the way, so I had no problem taking this on.  Apparently, I was wrong.  I was the only parent on this project, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It's right up my alley, with my OCD and organization skills.  Plus, I work well under pressure.  The theme was Festivals Around the World and while I was the only parent organizing it, I am thankful to all parents that signed up to lead the craft/art tables, to help out and to feed everyone!  The bad thing was that on the day of the event, right in the middle of getting things ready I started to feel sick.  Fifteen minutes into the puppet show (yes, there was a puppet show) I had to leave and go home.  I barely made it home.  I was in bed for over 6 hours and even missed another holiday party.  I was bummed, but glad to hear that everyone enjoyed themselves at both parties!

11.  We had a nice quiet Christmas.  Just the four of us.  The kids wanted to have a Make-Your-Own-Pizza for Christmas dinner and I was all for it (because I wouldn't have to cook) but my hubby wanted a real holiday meal.  It was Paleo, of course, with the exception of the Pecan Pie Brownies.  Those were out of this world. I could only have one piece; it was just too much for me.  Good, but too much!

12.  We celebrate the New Year with our friends J and T (CrossFit pals for life!)  My husband and I decided, last minute, to have a little get-together and whoever could make it could join us in welcoming the New Year with us.  It was delightful evening with good food, great conversation, a little game playing and even a Scotch tasting (except for me, I'm not into Scotch)!  It's pretty much been just the four of us (or the three of us before my daughter came along) for holidays and having people over for the New Year was a nice change of pace.  We're considering doing it again this year.

13.  I'm going to have to cram a bunch of things into this last one.  I know, I'm cheating but like I said, sitting is a luxury and the laundry/kids/husband/meals are beckoning.  Let's wrap this up:  We celebrated my husband's birthday with wonderful friends (good times).  We celebrated my son's birthday (he's 11 now...yikes).  I had a boudoir photo shoot (that was fun).  We took the kids to see Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan at the Pantages (they had seen a recorded UK performance on Netflix a few times and loved it).  My daughter's first field trip (Jan 21) was to see the Endeavour (it's smaller than I expected).

Whew.  I think that's it.  I think.  I'm really going to try and keep up with my Thirteens.  It may not be on a weekly basis, more on a monthly basis, but I find myself wanting to write more than that.  I often think of things from my childhood that I'd like my kids to know, so I might throw a few of those in here once in awhile.

With that, I bid you adieu!

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