Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How My Little Toughie Ends Her Play Dates...

Why, yes!  You are correct.  That is in an ambulance and she is sporting a neck brace and is strapped to a child-size spine board.

Let me say that she is perfectly fine (praise the LORD!), just a little sore.

This happened yesterday and because of my selective eidetic memory, what I witnessed will forever be burned in my brain.

I was facilitating a book club for moms from our Classical Conversations group while the kids played on the playground.  We were wrapping up.  I had actually just walked away from the kids after letting them know that we were leaving in 5 minutes and was on the grassy field gathering our belongings.  Suddenly, I heard my son crying out, "Mom!  Help!"  I look over and see a red figure, flat on the ground, not moving.  My heart didn't have time to stop as I made a beeline toward my crying baby girl.  I have to say that I was happy she was crying because it meant she was conscious.  That was the first good sign.

Apparently, she lost her grip on the playground zipline and while I watched her land on her feet the whole time, this loss of hold took her by surprise.  She fell directly onto her back, onto a surface that was once covered with sand but might as well have been concrete (When I was running toward her I was expecting to dig my feet into the sand.  Didn't happen.  There wasn't as much sand as I thought).  I asked her if she could get up and she said it hurt to do so.  I asked if she could move her hands and legs, and she was able to (second good sign), but she couldn't get up.  That's when I calmly called 911 and awaited their arrival.  It took 4 minutes.

I credit our Lord and the two friends that were still there for the peace and calmness that I felt as I answered the EMT's questions and then as they lifted her onto the gurney and into the ambulance.  I was calm enough to take this picture.  One I hope to not take again any time soon.