Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How My Little Toughie Ends Her Play Dates...

Why, yes!  You are correct.  That is in an ambulance and she is sporting a neck brace and is strapped to a child-size spine board.

Let me say that she is perfectly fine (praise the LORD!), just a little sore.

This happened yesterday and because of my selective eidetic memory, what I witnessed will forever be burned in my brain.

I was facilitating a book club for moms from our Classical Conversations group while the kids played on the playground.  We were wrapping up.  I had actually just walked away from the kids after letting them know that we were leaving in 5 minutes and was on the grassy field gathering our belongings.  Suddenly, I heard my son crying out, "Mom!  Help!"  I look over and see a red figure, flat on the ground, not moving.  My heart didn't have time to stop as I made a beeline toward my crying baby girl.  I have to say that I was happy she was crying because it meant she was conscious.  That was the first good sign.

Apparently, she lost her grip on the playground zipline and while I watched her land on her feet the whole time, this loss of hold took her by surprise.  She fell directly onto her back, onto a surface that was once covered with sand but might as well have been concrete (When I was running toward her I was expecting to dig my feet into the sand.  Didn't happen.  There wasn't as much sand as I thought).  I asked her if she could get up and she said it hurt to do so.  I asked if she could move her hands and legs, and she was able to (second good sign), but she couldn't get up.  That's when I calmly called 911 and awaited their arrival.  It took 4 minutes.

I credit our Lord and the two friends that were still there for the peace and calmness that I felt as I answered the EMT's questions and then as they lifted her onto the gurney and into the ambulance.  I was calm enough to take this picture.  One I hope to not take again any time soon.

By the time we got to the Emergency Room she was smiling (third good sign) though she said she was still in pain.  After awhile the doctor came, gave her Motrin and then told me she would be getting x-rays.  The x-rays came out fine and about two and a half hours later we were on our way home.  (Quickest E.R. experience...EVER.)

The last time I was in the Emergency Room with my Little Toughie was a month after her spinal surgery when she was 5 months old.  A severe kidney infection landed her a few days in the hospital. God bless the parents and caretakers of children who have chronic or long-term illness.  I don't know how they do it.

The last time I was in a ambulance with a kid was when my son had a rectal prolapse while at school (he was a Kindergartner).  Since school staff isn't allowed in the bathrooms or even allowed to help the kids, the prolapse would not go back in.  They finally called me and when I got there, it was too late. I had to call 911.  Funny thing is, when we got the Emergency Room, the doctor took one look at him and said, "Sugar".  He had a nurse get a cup of sugar from the cafeteria and pour it over the prolapse.  It took a couple of minutes, but it went back in on its own.  THAT is how dehydrating sugar is!

Today my daughter is playing and back to normal as if nothing happened.  "Little Toughie" is the name she gave herself when both kids were participating in Kids CrossFit.  She has surely lived up to it.  There is a certain bravery in my daughter that I admire and envy.  She is one to take on a challenge and to never back down from trying something new.  She is one who, should she fall off of a horse, would show or tell that horse a thing or two and then get right back on...over and over again.

We thank God that she was not severely injured; that all she has to deal with is a little soreness.  Early on during the book club meeting, another mom and I briefly shared the exasperation we were both having with our boys and she reminded me that God only gives us what He knows we can handle.

God had His Almighty hand on my daughter yesterday and gave me only what I could handle.

Thank you, God.

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